My story is not one of second-hand knowledge or interviews with persons taking alternative medicines. It is a personal story of perceived hopelessness and pain.

     At the midpoint of my life, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, a disease for which medical science has no cure. After going from physician to physician, test after test, I was placed on the only prescription medications they have for Hepatitis C, but are raraly successful. Interferon,(injection 3 times per week), and Rebetron (capsule taken 4 times per day) are very strong, dangerous drugs, with numerous side effects. I was very apprehensive about this but I did as my physician directed. I soon found out that the side effects were worse than the disease. While on the treatment, my condition showed no signs of improvement, and my physical conditon worsened. Each trip to the doctor was the same. They took lots of my blood, kept me on this horrible medication, and gave me no hope in return. For this, I was charged $1800.00 per month.

     At that point, I was pretty wore out, gave up most hope of a normal life, and reserved myself to a life of misery and sickness.
I will always believe that because of prayer, I was directed to herbal medicine. With everything to gain, I began to take a combination of cleansing and healing herbs religiously. Bit by bit, day by day, my body began to rejuvenate. My blood counts went back to normal, including my liver enzymes. I gradually got back all of my strength and was doing things that I hadn't done for years. I felt alive again.

     After these results, I decided to share my story with others. This was my calling in life, to help others. The medicinal qualities of herbs were there all along, I just needed a chance to discover them.

     If this helped me with my disease, just imagine what it can do for others.

     Toxins build up in our bodies from food and environmental sources. Once cleansed with natural herbs, the body can then rejuvenate and restore itself to its optimal working condition.

     It's up to us to use what God has provided for us to make ourselves whole again. I am living proof of this. I am convinced that without these herbs, I may very well not be alive today.